Consultant Summary

Summary - Conference Activities

  • Programme committee member, 1st International Modula-2 Conference, Bled, Yugoslavia, October 1989.
  • Chairman, programme and organising committees, 2nd International Modula-2 Conference, Loughborough, 1991.
  • Programme committee member, 2nd European Modula-2 Conference, Sept. 1992.
  • Organising and programme committee member 'Joint Modular Languages Conference', University of Ulm, Germany, Sept. 1994
  • Organising and programme committee member 'Real-Time Systems 95', Technical University Ostrava, The Czech Republic, Sept. 1995
  • Programme committee member ‘Mechatronics 96', Portugal, Sept. 1996.
  • Organising and Programme committee member ‘Joint Modular Languages Conference, Linz, Austria, March 1997.
  • Programme committee member ‘Mechatronics 98', Sweden, Sept. 1998.
  • Program committee member, 3rd IEEE International Workshop on Factory Communication Systems (WFCS'2000), Polytechnic Institute of Porto - ISEP, Porto, Portugal, Sept. 2000.
  • Program committee member, Joint Modular Languages Conference, ETH Zurich, Switzerland Sept. 2000.